Model Application

Interested in modeling?
We are always on the lookout for new models for our photoshoots!

General Guidelines:
*must be in LA/OC.
*open to all genders/ethnicities/sizes
*must be 18+

Please fill out and email the following to info@eupathyclothing.com with "MODEL SEARCH" as the subject line.

Name (first and last):
City of residence:
Phone Number:
E-mail address:
D.O.B. (mm/dd/yyyy):
Shirt Size:
Bottom Size:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Do you have any piercings? if so, where?
Do you have any tattoos? if so, where?

Please answer the following questions:
Why do you want to model for eupathy?
Have you had prior experience modeling?
How comfortable are you in front of the camera on a scale of 1-10?
(10 being most confident)
Describe your general sense of style:
Please list any talents: skating, dancing, if you play any instruments

Please attach up to 6 photos of:
1. Headshot (close up, front and profile)
2. Waist up
3. Full body
4. any examples of yourself modeling.
*tip: model in what you would typically wear! show off your unique style.
you may also share links/PDFs.

Perks of becoming a model for eupathy:
  • a feature on our team page with your own bio and links to social media to give yourself more exposure as an influencer/model.
  • compensation in the form of free clothing & early access to new releases
  • professional shots you can use on your own social media or modeling portfolio
  • officially being a part of the eupathy family <3


  • Please fill out the form in its entirety. We only want to add people to the team who are serious about modeling for us and actually love the brand.
  • No prior modeling experience is needed, as long as you show you are confident in front of a camera. We love discovering new talent!
  • Once you are selected, it means you will be part of the team. Which means you aren't a seasonal 1 time model for us, but will always be considered for every shoot.
  • That being said if you don't get selected at first do not be discouraged because you may not be the right fit for a certain concept but might be the perfect fit for the next.
  • If you become a model for us we don't limit you from pursuing other brands! Feel free to model for other brands too.

Good luck!